Hear what Andrea Johnson's client's have to say :

          "Andrea always makes herself available to discuss any issues, and during the legal process, she keeps you informed while seeing things through to the end. She is very knowledgeable and tells you what your best course of action is."

                             B.S. - Divorce and Child Custody                                  Client

      "Splendid! Just a wonderful experience from start to finish.  Friendly staff!  Andrea was able to inform me of details about how my case will go and roughly how long the process will take (given everything goes according to plan)!  Will definitely recommend to anyone going through these types of cases.  Keep up the great work."

                             L.A.O. - Divorce Client

      "Divorce is an emotional, difficult experience, especially when there is custody of your children involved.  It requires an attorney you can trust to make good decisions, when you’re not always making the best decisions for yourself.  You can trust Andrea to give you the best advice.  If you don’t like what she wants to do, do it anyway.  If you don’t agree with what she says, she’s most likely right, so do it.  Your future and the life of your children are at stake, so don’t be foolish and think you have all the answers yourself.  It takes the advice of someone experienced, professional, strategically skilled, quick on their feet, tough and yet cordial enough to have many professional relationships in and outside of court.  Andrea has all this and you can rest assured you will have the best possible chance of success if you listen to her advice.  I did and things worked out better than anyone imagined they could.  It can for you too."

                                R.W. -  Child Custody Client

      "I had the opportunity to have Mrs. Andrea Johnson represent me during my child support modification. I was being very much being taken advantage of and had no idea what to do or how to fix this situation.. But After being referred to Attorney Johnson's law firm she helped me understand and helped me handle my modification of payments that fit my income without being taken advantage of..I would recommend Attorney Andrea Johnson to anyone else with a family law problem or situation! 

​                                 B.A. - Child Support Client
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