When the parties know how they want to resolve all of the issues of their divorce, but need guidance on filing procedures and forms, we are here to help.  Our firm will represent one of the parties and will make the filing process fast and easy, regardless of the complexity of the issues.  If the case is not contested, we will handle the case on a flat fee basis.
Under Georgia's domestic relations laws, child support and spousal support are both modifiable in the event of a material change in circumstances.  This could be a significant increase or decrease in the income of either party.  
Because Georgia's child support calculation includes both parties' incomes, as well as several other important factors, a change in income of the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent could result in a change of support.
Alimony modifications are a little more difficult as there is not a calculation set forth under Georgia law, but rather, the Court considers various factors.  If you beleive that the financial circumstances of either party demand a change of alimony, you should consult with a lawyer immediately to determine your rights.


Our firm is well aware that a divorce can be the most difficult thing that you will ever face, particularly when the parties cannot agree on resolution and the matter requires litigation.  Attorney Johnson has handled very complicated divorces taking them from filing through trial and at times, even into the appellate process.  
Divorces can include the following issues:
Our aim is to help you succeed in court on all of the issues while keeping your costs as low as possible.  We will keep you informed of the laws and your rights as you walk through this difficult process.  



Georgia's child support laws support a shared income model.  The legislature in the State has created a worksheet which calculates support based on several factors including but not limited to:  the father's income, the mother's income, the medical insurance premiums paid for the benefit of the children, the cost of child care, the number of children support is needed for, and any extraordinary medical or educational needs.
The Courts generally do not deviate far, if at all, from the support amount shown in a child support worksheet.
If you are the parent of a child who was born outside of a marriage, your rights may beI different than that of parents who are married.  
Our firm is experienced and knowledgeable in cases where paternity, custody and child support is at issue.


The Courts in Georgia take seriously the orders that they issue.  If any party violates a court order, whether intentionally or not, they could be held in contempt and sanctioned for the violation of the Court order.  If you have a court order and the opposing party has not complied fully, you may have the right to file a contempt action against that party.
In the alternative, if you have been served with a contempt action, take it very seriously.  The Courts will.  You should contact our office immediately to determine your rights and the course of action that you should follow.

​Estate Planning

​Everyone should be prepared for what the future holds.  Having a will and even creating powers of attorney for financial issues and medical care will ensure that your desires for your property and your body are met during times that you are unable to physically make those decisions.  It is very important to ensure that family members are not left making decisions at the time of death.  Protect your family by documenting your desires in advance.  Estate planning is not a one-size-fits all practice.  Wills and other estate plans should be individualized based on each individual's specific needs and desires.

Personal Injury

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you been injured in a car accident?  Having trouble getting the insurance company to respond?  Call us!!  We will work with you from the inception of your case through trial, if that becomes necessary.  Insurance companies ae more likely to follow through on claims and demands that come from lawyers.  Do not try to do this alone!!

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